Mahesh Baliga

Mahesh Baliga creates allegorical and often satirical paintings and sculptures that subvert the standard comprehension of everyday objects or scenarios. The artist is fascinated with 'double edges', and his work explores age-old paradoxes such as the fact that the pursuit of order often leads instead to disorder. His works contain a witty interplay between the verbal and the visual and he removes the anchor of time from his paintings' narratives in his renditions of timeless truths. Baliga trained as a painter, and his technical mastery of the medium, particularly in his use of color, earned him a Post-Graduate Diploma with distinction from MSU Baroda.

Baliga has had three solo exhibitions at Project88, and has also exhibited at Rosenfeld Gallery in Israel, XVA Gallery in Dubai, as well as various group exhibitions in India at Sandharbh, OED Gallery, the India Art Fair, and Art Chennai.

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