Frieze New York

The Project 88 booth will feature artworks that conjure spaces, experiences, and possibilities that draw attention towards ideas of fantasy, heterotopia, and the uncanny to reimagine the world we inhabit.

Amitesh Srivastava’s, Torn visually explores the relationships forged within the journey of a ‘carrier’ as he delivers commodities to his destination. The painting captures a sense of movement, and simultaneous occurrences and encounters within a seemingly banal event. 

Anupam Roy’s Those who do not give up and Rotten Nation: A Multifunctional Analogue throw light upon forms of political oppression by integrating intimate personal experiences with historical facts and theoretical research, to envision methods of resistance and social change.

Neha Choksi’s The Weight of the cave 6 traces the material alteration of rocks through human-initiated processes. Through sculptural intervention, the rock becomes representative of its own symbolic transformation from geological object to contemporary artwork. Choksi’s Houseplant and Sun Quotation 5, 7, 12 and 13 also divulge the conversion of natural entities into uncanny representations of themselves by capturing shadows of vegetal growth and the sun through palladium and digital prints. 

In Raqs Media Collective’s One Metre of truth, emotional and bodily dispositions are explored linguistically to generate a new vocabulary that discerns fleeting states of being that defy classification. 

Rohini Devasher’s Elseworld elicits the sublime through a portrayal of a bubble that represents simultaneously, an intimate space, a microcosmic planet, and a fragile island in the sky. 

Sandeep Mukherjee’s Fabric Diagrams - Imaging the Body studies a corporeal body through the addition and subtraction of his image and process. By highlighting varying rates of flow within his materials, Mukherjee’s work animates an ostensibly still representation. 

The Otolith Group’s Santiniketan Studies deliberate a region in Bengal influenced by Tagorean philosophy. Past and present meld together to generate surreal visions that invite a reconsideration of the relationship between humans and nature.